"A Holistic Approach to Site & Building Design"
Site Planning

Littlehorn Engineering and Surveying, LLC
  provides complete evaluation, inspection, and planning services for a property, with or without improvements. A "Site Assessment” by a professional provides information that helps to determine if the site is buildable and if there are possible complications that can make a considerable difference to a project. It provides information to assist with ideas for the best site design, possible development costs, and forthcoming steps to consider. John can walk the site with a client or if the client is unable to meet him, assess the site and communicate his findings to the client. He attempts to locate the property corners and reviews the features of the property for accessibility, the building and utility easements, a possible location for the driveway, building envelope, septic tank and field, well location, and notes the location of surrounding views. The site assessment can be provided as a verbal evaluation, a written summary with site plan or, a written summary with pictures taken with our drone. Site plans consist of a computer aided drawing that includes a possible layout of the proposed improvements. A site plan is a top view or bird’s eye view of a property created from measurements taken on the lot with hand tapes or from a topographic survey. If requested the site plan can include a property boundary survey to confirm the location of property lines, easements, and property corners. A Site Assessment and / or Site Plan is tailored to meet a client's specific needs. Other services include:

•  Pictures taken of the site with a drone
•  Land Survey Plat/Boundary Surveys
•  Locate property pins and other type surveys
•  Check for possible wetlands/Wetland Delineation
•  Construction staking for well and utilities
•  Construction staking for other improvements
•  As-Built Surveys
•  Bid Documents
•  Permit Guidance and Assistance
•  Assist with locating contractors
•  Project Management
•  Coordination with contractors