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Wetland Consulting

Littlehorn Engineering and Surveying, LLC
  provides complete Wetland Delineation and Mitigation Services. Our professional staff has been involved in projects throughout Colorado, and has worked closely with the Army Corps of Engineers on many projects. When building near a creek, wetlands, or a river it requires coordination with the Army Corps of Engineers with various permit approvals from other applicable government agencies. The protection of wetlands in the United States is critical for the protection of our fresh water. Many Jurisdictions in Colorado require a Wetland Delineation be completed on a property before they will issue a construction permit. Below is a description of some of the Wetland Consulting services we provide:

•  Wetland Delineation
•  Site & wetland Mitigation Plan
•  Corps of Engineers Permit Guidance
•  Wetland Remediation
•  Wildlife & Botanical and Plant Surveys
•  Identification of Plant and Wildlife Species
•  Biological Assessments
•  Septic Designs near Wetland
•  Drainage plan/Erosion Control Plans
•  Landscape Architecture/Planning
•  Hydrology Design
•  Site Evaluation and Planning with Wetlands
•  Retaining Wall Design to protect Wetlands